Product Name : Heavy duty 6-1/2\" Fishing Pliers

Model : OR-117

Q'ty :


These superb 6.5 inch pliers make other fishing pliers look like toys. All stainless steel construction is for maximum corrosion resistance. Powerful parallel jaws, and shearing action side cutter will cleanly cut 900LB cable , 3mm wire and monofilament. Rubber coated handles for superb wet or dry grip. It is the best sport-fishing plier

Special Feature:

  • Patent
  • Wide jaws grip wire and mono tightly, even small sizes. Serrated marks help grip hooks or cinching knots.
  • Unique side cutter cleanly cuts braided cable up to 900 lb..Also cleanly cuts single strand wire and heavy mono.
  • Stainless steel bolts and hardware for years of corrosion proof use.
  • Dual spring loaded handles keeps pliers open, ready for use. Handle coating for protection and non-slip grip